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Photography is the art of capturing and producing images whether still or moving. In other words it is an attempt to preserve the subject matter it is focusing on. It is a creative field often pursued as a pastime hobby or even a full-fledged career option. Whatever be the way of pursuance it has to cater to a wide range of users with varied choices budgets and characteristics. Photographs can be printed or stored and viewed as soft copies.

How the camera works

The cameras use a combination of light rays, X-rays and chemical processing to develop a replica of the subject, be it a person, landscapes or objects. While the mechanisms of photography have gradually become easy so as to enable any common person to handle and operate it, some high end devices requiring manual operations can only be correctly used by professionally trained individuals.



Things to keep in mind while buying

A huge array of cameras and lenses crowd the market and it is not an easy task to go for the perfectly suitable camera. There are varying specifications with respect to Shutter Speed, Focal Length, and aperture. Different cameras are required for close up and wide views. There are cameras and camcorders specially designed for nighttime and lowlights.

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